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Fall 2013: Your take on Malone's Strategic Plan

BLOG QUESTIONS: (1) What are your initial impressions of the university's strategic plan and the framework of the Thriving Scorecard model? (2)  Do you feel that the plan will allow Malone to successfully meet the challenges before us now and in the near future?  Please explain.   IMPORTANT :  Before sharing your insights and opinions about Malone's new strategic plan, the Strategic Planning Committee requests that you PLEASE take time to carefully read through the plan paying particular attention to all 36 initiatives (under the categories of Visibility, Vibrancy and Vitality) posted at the end of the document.   Here is a link to Malone University's Strategic Plan webpage . The Strategic Plan Narrative  will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees at their October 18-19 meetings.  The Strategy Map and Thriving Scorecard Model are results of the ongoing work of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee including a 1.5 day retreat on September 13-14 with Tim Fuller and Dr. Ri