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TOPIC #2: What should Malone aspire to?

BLOG POST #2: Thanks so much to all those who contributed so well to this blog's first post.  Though there obviously remains some diversity of opinion as to the specific words and phrases that our vision statement should feature, on the bright side, a consensus did appear to emerge as to several, traditional core strengths that Malone can boast of and carry into the future. That said, however, as we conclude this blog over the next 36 hours, may I suggest that we now turn our thoughts to the future, to the imagining of what could and should change about our collective efforts for Malone over the next, say, 5-10 years.  While holding close to our traditional core values and strengths and given the dramatic changes currently rocking both higher education and the American economy, how must we evolve as an institution to remain and/or become fiscally strong, academically admired, and culturally relevant? On behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee, may I say that we would sure apprec