Fall 2013: Your take on Malone's Strategic Plan

BLOG QUESTIONS: (1) What are your initial impressions of the university's strategic plan and the framework of the Thriving Scorecard model? (2)  Do you feel that the plan will allow Malone to successfully meet the challenges before us now and in the near future?  Please explain.   IMPORTANT :  Before sharing your insights and opinions about Malone's new strategic plan, the Strategic Planning Committee requests that you PLEASE take time to carefully read through the plan paying particular attention to all 36 initiatives (under the categories of Visibility, Vibrancy and Vitality) posted at the end of the document.   Here is a link to Malone University's Strategic Plan webpage . The Strategic Plan Narrative  will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees at their October 18-19 meetings.  The Strategy Map and Thriving Scorecard Model are results of the ongoing work of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee including a 1.5 day retreat on September 13-14 with Tim Fuller and Dr. Ri

Topic #3: New, proposed vision statement

Welcome back, everyone! Apparently our first collective try at the Strategic Planning Committee's blog must have been impressive enough that Dr. Tucker has asked us to fire up the presses once again and now discuss the merits of a completely new, proposed vision statement.  Actually, you've seen it before - this "new and improved" (potential) vision statement was authored by none other than our own, Dr. Steve Moroney (Theology), amidst the Prompt #1 blog discussion a few weeks ago. Just to jog everyone's memories, here is the original, proposed vision statement that we discussed a few weeks ago: [ORIGINAL PROPOSAL]  "Our vision is to be the Christian university of choice               in   the mid-east region of the US recognized for Christ-centered academic               excellence,  spiritual formation, student engagement, and leadership in               thought and service." This is the new, proposed vision statement that Dr. Tucker would appreciate o

TOPIC #2: What should Malone aspire to?

BLOG POST #2: Thanks so much to all those who contributed so well to this blog's first post.  Though there obviously remains some diversity of opinion as to the specific words and phrases that our vision statement should feature, on the bright side, a consensus did appear to emerge as to several, traditional core strengths that Malone can boast of and carry into the future. That said, however, as we conclude this blog over the next 36 hours, may I suggest that we now turn our thoughts to the future, to the imagining of what could and should change about our collective efforts for Malone over the next, say, 5-10 years.  While holding close to our traditional core values and strengths and given the dramatic changes currently rocking both higher education and the American economy, how must we evolve as an institution to remain and/or become fiscally strong, academically admired, and culturally relevant? On behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee, may I say that we would sure apprec

TOPIC#1: Draft vision statement

[INSTRUCTIONS:  Please read the following statement from the Strategic Planning Committee and then use the comment box at the bottom to access others' posts and to add your own.]   The President and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee are presenting this DRAFT as an initial vision statement for discussion and analysis: "Our vision is to be the Christian university of choice in the mid-east region of the US recognized for Christ-centered academic excellence, spiritual formation, student engagement, and leadership in thought and service."   Developing a compelling vision statement helps an organization confidently move forward.  A vision statement is often defined as a “preferred picture of the future.”  A strong vision assists in developing clear goals and priorities to align with the mission.  Here are some characteristics of an effective vision (adapted from John Kotter, Leading Change , chapter 5 “developing a vision and strategy”). Imaginable – conveys a pictur